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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Autumn 2011. Vol 26, No. 1

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From the editor, Jennifer Aldred


Table of Contents


A gallows of hung parliaments: A Western Australian perspective. C.P. Shanahan SC


# 1843: The year it all began. David Clune

A hard reign: NSW public administration under Labor — 2007 to 2011. Norman Abjorensen

# The power of the New Zealand legislature to fine for breach of privilege. David Wilson

# From talking shop to party government: procedural change in the New Zealand parliament, 1854–1894. John E Martin

ASPG Conference 2010: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Perceptions of Parliament

Keynote address: Fifteen (contradictory) perceptions of parliament: five good, five bad and five ugly. John Warhurst

Parliament, public opinion and privilege

# Restoring faith in the British Parliament. Phil Larkin

Paying the police: ‘Greengate’ and parliamentary privilege. Brian Costar

# Maintaining public trust in parliaments without freedom of information — balancing the right to know with parliamentary privilege. Vicki Buchbach

Parliament, the executive and the media

Fault lines in the federal fourth estate. Helen Ester

# Media use and its effect on trust in politicians, parties and democracy. Juliet Pietsch and Aaron Martin

The tablecloth and the long bell: media perceptions of the NSW Legislative Council 1999–2009. Steven Reynolds

Parliamentary principles and performances

Ministerial responsibility: reality or myth? Judy Maddigan

# ‘Mr Speaker, I withdraw ...’: standards of (mis)behaviour in the Queensland, Western Australian and Commonwealth Parliaments compared via online Hansard. Christopher Salisbury

Promoting parliament: civic education and social media

Perceptions of parliament: the civic education factor. Harry C.J. Phillips

Social media, community engagement and perceptions of parliament: a case study from the NSW Legislative Council. Beverly Duffy and Madeleine Foley

Summary of conference proceedings. Rosemary Laing

Report for ASPG

Hung parliaments — summary of proceedings of seminar held by the Western Australia Chapter of the ASPG, November 2010. Harry C.J. Phillips

Parliamentary Chronicles

‘From the Tables’ A round-up of administrative and procedural developments in the Australasian Parliaments— October 2010 to March 2011. Robyn Smith


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