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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Spring 2010. Vol 25, No. 2

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From the editor, Elaine Thompson


The Greens as a New Party in the Victorian Parliament. Sue Pennicuik

Research Paper

# Parliamentary Committees are Important in Developing Policy: Evidence from a Queensland Case Study. Lyndel Bates


The Australian Parliament and Climate Change: Are the Institutions Inadequate? Aynsley Kellow

Parliamentary Privilege and Public Interest Disclosures. Mark Rodrigues

Appointing the Premier in a Hung Parliament — the Tasmanian Governor's Choice. Anne Twomey

The Enigmatic Parliament — Why the Northern Territory could Never Achieve Statehood. Robyn Smith

# Unicameralism: The Strange Eventful Death of the Legislative Council of New Zealand. H. Kumarasingham

The Development of Legislative Institutions in NSW 1823 — 1843. David Clune


# A Petitions Committee for Queensland — An Idea whose Time has Come. Karen Sampford

# The Role of the Clerk in Releasing the Record of Parliamentary Proceedings: Identifying and Controlling the Risks. Val Barrett

# Parliament's Watchdogs — New Zealand 's Officers of Parliament. Lesley Ferguson

CommonwealthState Financial Relations and the Rudd Labor Government. Paige Darby

# Is Parliamentary Privilege Incompatible with a Modern View of the Public Interest? Isla Macphail

# Technical Scrutiny of Bills in New Zealand. Tim Workman

Parliamentary Chronicle

Western Australia Parliamentary Chronicle: July 2008 to July 2010. Liz Kerr and Harry C.J. Phillips

Contributor Guidelines

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