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Spring 2009. Vol 24, No. 2

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From your editor, Elaine Thompson

The Role of the Member of Parliament, Geoff Gallop

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 2nd Conference of Australia Members of Parliament, Meeting the Challenges of the Future, Today, NSW Parliament 2008

The Future of Australian Federalism Following the Money, Anne Twomey

The Future of Federalism, Greg Craven

Telecommunications in Rural and Regional Areas, Bill Glasson

Health Reform in an Ageing Australia: Silos or Structural Reform? Jeremy Sammut

The Delivery of Health Services, Stephen Duckett

Adapting to Climate Change in a Federation, Bruce Thom

The Future of Funding Public Infrastructure, Joanne Kelly

Parliamentary Law Practice and Procedure 2006 Research Papers

Parliamentary Privilege: First Principles and Recent Applications, Gareth Griffith

Whistleblower Protection and Disclosures to Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, Zac Dadic

Problems with New Zealand's Legislative Process, and How to Fix Them, David Bagnall

The Role of Questions on Notice in Parliamentary Democracy, Richard Willis

Recording Parliamentary Debates: A Brief History with Reference to England and New Zealand, Kezia Ralphs

Power Versus Practice — the Role of Convention in the Senate's Ability to Hold the Executive to Account, Jeannette Radcliff

Government Responses to Parliamentary Committee Inquiries, Clare James

General Articles

The Power of the New South Wales Legislative Council to Order the Production of State Papers: Revisiting the Egan Decisions Ten Years On, Lynn Lovelock

Executive Control of the Legislature: Is the Legislative Assembly on a Government Leash? Harry Phillips

Book Reviews

Political Cartooning: Does it Matter? A Review of 'Comic Commentators: Contemporary Political Cartooning in Australia', June Verrier

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