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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Autumn 2009. Vol 24, No. 1

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From your editor, Elaine Thompson

Session 1: Overview Representation, Participation And Engagement

Generational Change and Participation, Colin James

Community Engagement in a Parliamentary Context - The Queensland Experience, Glenda Emmerson

Session 2: The Parliament of the People?

A Survey of the Role of Parliamentary Education in Australian Parliaments - Part 1, Graham Spindler

A Survey of the Role of Parliamentary Education in Australian Parliaments - Part 2, Graham Spindler

Restoring the 'Grassroots', Christopher Pyne

Session 3: Representation Through the Eyes of the Parliamentarian

The Complexities of Representation: Balancing Interests, Reality and Philosophy, Barnaby Joyce

Engaging in the Future: Overcoming the Limitations of Parliamentary Representation, Tim Barnett and Polly Higbe

Engagement in the Future: Overcoming the Representation in a Pressure Cooker, Tim Nicholls

Session 4: How Representative is the Parliament?

The Declining Membership of the New Legislative Council Cross Bench and its Implications for Responsible Government, Lynn Lovelock

From Gerry-Built to Purpose-Built: Creating Fair and Equal Electoral Districts in South Australia, Jenni Newton-Farrelly

Changed Representation from a Changed Voting System, Charles Chauvel

Session 5: Engaging All The People Minority Groups In and Out of the Parliament

Women in Parliament: Attaining the Idea, John McCulloch

The Diversity of Queensland People - In and Out of the Parliament, Julie Copley

Session 6: Reconnecting Parliament And The People

Reconnecting Parliament and the People, Margaret Wilson

* Institutionalising Deliberative Democracy, Janette Hartz-Karp and Michael K. Brian

Keynote Address:
Advance Australia: The Turning Tide of Popular Political Engagement, Hugh Mackay

President's Report, Kevin Rozzoli


* Homosexual Law Reform in the Parliament of the United Kingdom: The Case of Earl Winterton, the 'Father of the House' , Kate Gleeson

Election Report

The 2008 Western Australian State Election: The Snap Poll Blunder, Harry Phillips

The Western Australian Election of September 6, 2008: The First Chink in Labor's Armour, William Bowe

The 2009 Queensland Election: The Beginning of The End? Scott Prasser

Book Reviews

Andrew Fisher: Prime Minister of Australia, James Jupp

Gough Whitlam, A Moment in History, Elaine Thompson

Making Women Count: A History of the Women's Electoral Lobby in Australia, Helen Pringle

* These articles have been double blind refereed to full academic standards.


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