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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Spring 2008. Vol 23, No. 2

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SECTION I: Addresses
The Problems of Political and Parliamentary Leadership, Bruce Hawker

*The Subsequent Use by an Author of Their Written Submission to a Parliamentary Committee: Issues of Ownership, Law, Privilege, Contempt and Practicality, Paul Grant

*Royal Assent in Victoria, Kate Murray

*Accountability or Inability: To What Extent does House of Representatives Question Time Deliver Executive Accountability Comparative to other Parliamentary Chambers? Is there Need for Reform? Andrew McGowan

*The Purpose, Practice and Effects of Petitioning the Victorian Parliament, Karen Ellingford

SECTION III: General Articles

*An Optimum Model for the Governance of Parliaments? June Verrier

*Parliamentary Committee Roles in Facilitating Public Policy at the Commonwealth Level, John Halligan

*Executive Accountability to Parliament — Reality or Rhetoric? Peter Loney

*Wither Federalism: The Consequences and Sustainability of the High Court’s Interpretation of Commonwealth Powers, Angus J. O’Brien

SECTION IV: Parliamentary Reports and Legislation

Queensland’s Freedom of Information Inquiry, David Solomon

Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Rights of the Terminally Ill (Euthanasia Laws Repeal) Bill 2008

Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006

A Parliamentary-Style Question Period: Proposals and Issues for Congress, Matthew E. Glassman


Report of the Victorian Branch on Aspects of the Victorian Parliament since the 2006 election, Judy Maddigan and Sarah Hysop

Northern Territory Parliamentary Report, Robyn Smith

Western Australian Parliamentary Report, Liz Kerr and Harry Phillips

SECTION VI: Book Review

Paul Davey, Politics in the Blood, John Kerin

* These articles have been double blind refereed to full academic standards.


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