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Spring 2007. Vol 22, No. 2

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From your editor, Elaine Thompson, Editor

Section I: Abortion Debate and Parliament

* Urban Mythology: The Question of Abortion in Parliament, Helen Pringle

* Persuading Parliament: Abortion law reform in the UK, Kate Gleeson

Section II: The Workings of the New Zealand Bill of Rights - Twenty Five Years On

The OIA 25 Years On: How has the system matured? Nicola White

* Strengthening Section 7 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, Nilay B. Patel


The Role of the Privileges Committee and the Relevancy of a Penal Jurisdiction of a House in Current-Day Parliaments, Robert McDonald

The Victorian Legislative Council's Revised Sessional Orders: In theory and practice, Stephen Redenbach

Parliamentary Papers and Parliamentary Privilege: A case for continued vigilance, Nigel Lake

Why the Conference Procedure Remains the Preferred Method for Resolving Disputes Between the Two Houses of the South Australian Parliament, Rick Crump

Being Mauled in the 'Bear Pit'!!! Opportunities For and the Effectiveness Of Opposition and Independent Members in the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales, Stephanie Hesford

Section V: Parliamentary Internships & Chronicles

* Research and the Parliamentarian: An Analysis of the Victorian Internship Program, 1990 to 2006, Greg Gardiner and John Chesterman

South Australia Parliamentary Chronicle 2006-07, Malcolm Lehman

Western Australia: Parliamentary Highlights January 2005 to July 2007, Liz Kerr and Harry Phillips

Section VI: Election Reports

'Morris' Minor Miracle: The March 2007 NSW Election, David Clune

Defying the Odds: Peter Beattie and the 2006 Queensland Election, Paul D. Williams

The Book Pages

David Clune

Book Notes: The Sesquicentenary Committee


* These articles have been double blind refereed to full academic standards.


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