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Autumn 2007. Vol 22, No. 1

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From your editor, Elaine Thompson

Selected Papers from the 2006 ASPG Annual Conference ‘Parliamentary Control of the Executive: the people and the money'

Section I: Keynote Addresses

President's Annual Report 2005-2006, Kevin Rozzoli

Public Servants and Parliament: A New Zealand perspective, Mary Harris

Section II: Controlling the purse strings

Accounting and Accountability, Rosemary Laing

Public Accounts Committees In Australasia : The state of play, Kerry Jacobs, Kate Jones and David Smith

Section III: Telling the Full Story? Parliament, Government Information, The Media and Committee Inquiries

Benchmarking Parliamentary Administration: The United Kingdom , Canada , New Zealand and Australia, June Verrier

Orders for papers in the Legislative Council of New South Wales: Developments and challenges, Susan Want

Section IV: Institutional Design, Political Parties and the Accountability of the Executive

Opposition in a Small Westminster Parliament: The case of Tasmania, Richard Herr

Challenges for Parliament in South Africa, Geoffrey Hawker

Workshop Reports

Parliaments, Executives and Integrity Agencies: Reporting on an international conference on transparency for better governance, Roger Wettenhall

Report from Workshop 1: How can public accounts committees work more effectively to scrutinise the Executive

Report from Workshop 2: In what ways can opposition parties encourage executive accountability to Parliament?

Report from Workshop 3: How can public servants' accountability to Parliament be improved?

Report from Workshop 4: How can the independence of Parliament from the Executive be enhanced?

Report from Workshop 5: How can agencies (auditor-general, ombudsman, anti-corruption commissioners) be more effective?

Section V: Holding Ministers and Public Servants to Account

Financial Scrutiny of Government by a Parliamentary Committee: The challenges of facing the estimates and financial operations committee of the Legislative Council of Western Australia, Giz Watson

The Public Administration Committee: Complementing the scrutiny role of state office holders, Barry House


Limits to Select Committee Investigation — A New Zealand Perspective, Kirstin Lambert

The Research Involving Embryos and Prohibition of Human Cloning Bill 2002: Procedure and practice issues in its passage through the House of Representatives, Jason Sherd

Parliamentary Reports

The Year of the Senate, Anthony Marinac

The Book Pages

John Carter

The Wordly Art of Politics
by Ken Turner and Michael Hogan (eds)

D. Clune

Book Notes: The Sesquicentenary Committee


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