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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Spring 2006. Vol 21, No. 2

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News and Notes

Accountability and the Executive - A Higher Accountability

Thomas More: Patron Saint of Politicians, Michael Tate

Reviewing Accountability

Why Accountability Must be Renewed, Ken Coghill

The Senate and Accountability

Reform of the Senate Committee System: Evolving Back to the Past? Stewart Ashe

Parliament's Role

Pegging Parliamentary Privilege in Western Australia, Andrew Young

Playing with the Rules, John Craig

Orders for Papers and Cabinet Confidentiality post Egan v Chadwick, Beverly Duffy

Putting New Wine into an Old Bottle, Greg Cornwell

Accountability and the Executive: A Report from New Zealand

A Shifting Balance: Parliament, the executive and the evolution of politics in New Zealand, John E. Martin

The Courts and Parliament: Further cases and other developments in New Zealand, Allan Bracegirdle

Parliamentary Chronicles

House of Representatives, I C Harris

NSW Parliamentary Chronicle, Greig Tillotson

Election Reports

The 2006 South Australian Election, Dean Jaensch

The Book Pages

Helen Pringle

Owen Dixon: A Biography, by Philip Ayres


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