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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Autumn 2005. Vol 20, No. 1

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Due to the publication of a Special Edition in May 2004, there is only one Journal in the Vol. 19 series: Spring 2004, referred to as Vol. 19(1).

From your Editor

Elections, By-Elections, Parties and Polling

Howard at the Crossroads? The October 2004 Federal Election, David Clune

Suiting Themselves: Major parties, electoral databases and privacy, Peter van Onselen and Wayne Errington

The Case of the Missing Premier - A Strange Parliamentary Practice, Victor Isaacs

From New Zealand: International Treaties

Domestic Procedures for International Treaty Actions: The courts and unincorporated treaties in New Zealand, Allan Bracegirdle

Papers* from the 2004 ASPG Annual Conference,
''The Role of Parliament in Constitution Making and Constitutional Amendment', Parliament House, Perth, 28 and 29 May 2004

Except for the piece by Lehman and Cavanagh the following selected articles, reports and addresses have been double blind refereed as suitable for inclusion in the journal. It should be understood, however, that reports and addresses do not necessarily fulfill the complete academic criteria as double blind fully refereed articles in terms of writing style; level of analysis; originality and the like.

Address: Referenda, Plebiscites and Sundry Parliamentary Impedimenta, Greg Craven

Article: Constitutional Change and Bicameralism in Australia: The perversity of 'reform' , Bruce Stone

Article: Lost Opportunities and Political Barriers on the Road to Constitutional Reform in South Australia, Macintyre and Williams

Article: Attorney General (WA) v Marquet : Ramifications for the Western Australian Parliament , Peter Johnston

Research Report: Constitutional Reform and the Victorian Experience, Wayne Tunnecliffe

Research Report: Recent Constitutional Developments in Queensland, Kerry Newton

Research Report: The Parliament and the People and the Role of Deliberative Polling in the South Australian Constitutional Convention, Malcolm Lehman and Penny Cavanagh

Address: Constitutions: Their Place in Modern Australasia, Kevin Rozzoli


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