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Australasian Parliamentary Review

Spring 2001. Vol 16, No. 2

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News and notes

The Challenges Facing our Parliaments: How can we improve their performance? Robert Hazell

Performance Indicators for the Parliament - Sharp or blunt instruments of reform? Malcolm Aldons

'Build your House of Parliament upon the River': The New South Wales Parliament under siege, Gareth Griffith and Mark Swinson

Managing the Political Environment: Issues arising in the provision of information and research services to members of Parliament, June R. Verrier

Parliament 2000
Towards a modern committee system

Introduction by Paul Reynolds

Parliamentary Committees in Queensland, Wayne Goss

Kicking the Cornerstone of Responsible Government Legislators' perspectives - the case of commercial-in-confidence, Cleaver Elliott & Peter Keele

Permanent Commissions of Inquiry and the Parliamentary Interface, John Hatzistergos

Public Sector Attitudes to Parliamentary Committees: A chairman's view, Max Trenorden

Marketing Parliamentary Committees, John Uhr

Increasing Public Participation in the Work of Parliamentary Committees, Robyn Webber

Parliamentary Committees in New Zealand: A house continuously reforming itself, Elizabeth McLeay

Select Committees and their Role in Keeping Parliament Relevant
Do New Zealand select committees make a difference? Marcus Ganley

Radical Democracy on Committees in an MMP Parliament, Liz Gordon

The Three Committee Systems of the Australian Parliament - A developmental overview?
John Halligan, John Power and Robin Miller

Senate Estimates Committees, John Hogg

The Grand Inquest of the Nation - A notion of the past? Neil Laurie


The Book Pages

Joan Rydon

True Believers - the Story of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party
edited by John Faulkner & Stuart Macintyre

Liberalism and the Australian Federation
edited by J.R. Nethercote

John Warhurst

The People's Protest
by K. Jones

A.W. Martin

The Sentimental Nation: The Making of the Australian Commonwealth
by John Hirst

Gareth Griffith

Reforming The House of Lords : Lessons from Overseas
by Meg Russell

R.L. Cope

Bundestag MPs 1946-61 (abbreviated translation)
edited by Martin Schumacher

Rodney Smith

William John McKell: Boilermaker, Premier, Governor-General
by Christopher Cunneen

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

John Maynard Keynes: Fighting for Britain 1937-46
by Robert Skidelsky

Ornamentalism: How the British Saw Their Empire
by David Cannadine


Culture of a Parliamentary Bureaucracy
Can Fiction be Fact? A note

(by R.L. Cope)


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