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Annual Australasian Study of Parliament Group Conference 2016

Adelaide Conference FlyerThe 2016 ASPG Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia and the dates are Wednesday 5th October to Friday, 7th October 2016.

The Annual Conference to be held in Adelaide is not far away. The Organising Committee is now finalising numbers for catering and conference sundries and would appreciate notification from anyone who is intending to attend the Conference as soon as possible. Please contact Mr Shane Hilton at if you are still intending to attend.

The Conference theme is: " The Restoration and Enhancement of Parliaments' Reputation".
View the flyer.    Refer to the downloads.

The topic provides an opportunity to consider a wide range of issues and perceptions including:

  • transparency in the disclosure of donations;
  • the influence of lobby groups;
  • the alleged manipulation of the electoral system;
  • entitlements;
  • the balance between security and public accessibility;
  • community engagement, the disconnect between parliament and the people;
  • the nature of the relationship between MPs and the media; and
  • the accessibility of government information.




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