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Notes to Contributors

Contributor Guidelines

The APR is a journal of issues affecting the operation of Parliaments in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. APR is published twice a year and is committed to encouraging and stimulating research, writing and teaching about the parliamentary institutions of the region. APR also publishes material on issues relating to parliament, whether arising from policy debates, major committee reports, political and electoral matters, referenda or significant court decisions affecting parliamentary operations. Where relevant to the Australasian experience, the Editor also welcomes manuscripts relating to international events.

All material submitted is subject to an editorial review process and the Editor reserves the right to accept or decline submissions. Submissions that are the subject of a double blind review process must meet academic standards in terms of originality, insight, clarity and rigour. Authors may request a double blind review. Contributions will ONLY be accepted in electronic form to and should include a 100-200 word abstract stating what the article has to offer the reader. Full contact (email address essential) and institutional affiliation details of the author(s) should also be supplied on submission and kept current prior to publication.

In submitting the manuscript, the author(s) warrant that:

•  The article is an original work written by the author(s) whose name appears of the manuscript;

•  The article has not been previously published elsewhere unless otherwise agreed to by the journal Editor;

•  The author(s) has the full power and authority to grant that right.

Articles should be between 4000-6000 words in length. In exceptional cases, articles of up to 10,000 words will be considered. Shorter pieces, particularly those dealing with current research projects or findings are invited.

As the APR encourages a lively and constructive exchange of views, readers' commentaries on published work are actively encouraged as a short article of 800-1000 words or in the form of a Letter to the Editor of not more than 400 words in length.

Review articles dealing with a significant book or set of books on emerging themes in the areas of interest to the APR readership are welcomed.

Allow at least three months for review and consideration of submissions to be completed. Pre-publication proof copies of articles are NOT made available to authors.

ANZACATT (Australia and New Zealand Association of Clerks-at-the-Table) - Papers submitted by the ANZACATT
Co-ordinator will be deemed suitable for publication in the APR or on the ASPG website, subject to editorial review. On notification of formal acceptance, authors may make small changes to the manuscript in the time specified by the Editor. Major changes are not accepted, except in response to referee reports.

ASPG Conference papers - APR has first right of refusal for papers delivered to the ASPG Conference and may be subject to editorial and double blind review. On notification of formal acceptance, authors may make small changes to the manuscript in the time specified by the Editor. Major changes are not accepted, except in response to referee reports.

Copyright : By submitting the manuscript to the Editor of the APR, the author(s) - or other copyright owner - agrees that it may be published in the journal and therefore sold or distributed within the journal, on its own, or with other related material. Moral rights and copyright of the original manuscript belong to the author(s). As such the author(s) have the right to republish the article after first publication in the journal subject to full bibliographic citation of the original publication in the APR.

DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed in the APR are the views of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, the Editorial Board or the ASPG. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all the information contained in the journal, however, the APR and the ASPG make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the content and disclaim all such representations and warranties whether express or implied to the maximum extent permitted by law.


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