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Conference Papers

National Annual Conference Sydney 2014

The following papers were presented. Videos of the various sessions can also be viewed.

A free PowerPoint Viewer can be downloaded here if required.

Session 1 - Prof. Richard Herr - Cultural Adaptation and the Westminster Model.pdf
Session 1 - Mr Peter Topura - Making the standing orders work for the people.pdf
Session 2 - Dr Therese Arseneau - The Impact of MMP on Representation in New Zealand's Parliament.pdf
Session 3 - Prof. Anne Twomey - The High Court on Election Funding.pdf
Session 4 - Dr Liam Weeks - Parliaments without parties.pdf
Session 4 - David Blunt Parliamentary speech and the locations of decision making.pdf
Session 5 - Prof. Simon Tormey - The Contemporary Crisis of Representative Democracy.pdf
Session 8 - Mr David Gibson - Disability, inclusion and democracy - An uncomfortable fit.pdf
Session 8 - Mr Michael Tatham - Participation and power.pdf
Session 8 - Prof. Marian Sawer - Gender representation in parliament.pdf
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