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Conference Papers

Papers Presented at the 2002 National Annual Conference, Melbourne

  • Parliamentary Privilege and Members’ Sources of Information, Julie Attwood M.P.
  • Parliamentary Privilege - A Remedy for the Freedom of Information Dilemma, Joan Sheldon M.P.
  • Parliamentary Privilege in Western Australia: The House of Commons Conundrum, Prof David Black
  • Immunity of Current and Former Members and Ministers (and their Ministerial Staff from Parliamentary Inquiries Established by Houses of Parliament in which they were not Members), Prof Geoffrey Lindell
  • Privileges Claimed by the Executive: Have We Learned Anything? Hon. Dr Ken Coghill
  • Compulsion? Privilege Claimed by the Executive: Recent Cases and Debates, Senator Robert Ray
  • The Parliamentary Power of Inquiry: Any Limitations? Harry Evans
  • Rights and Obligations of a Legislature in a Federal, Bicameral System, Ian Harris
  • Orders for Papers and Executive Privilege; Committee Inquiries and Statutory Secrecy Provisions, John Evans
  • Members of Parliament and Defamation: The Courts Raise the Bar, Allan Bracegirdle
  • Parliamentary Committees, Commissioners, Independent Commissions - Parliamentary Privilege and Judicial Review of Decisions, Investigations or Reports, Neil Laurie
  • Perceptions of Parliamentary Privilege in Today’s Legislative System, Hon. Kevin Rozzoli M.P.
  • A Privileged Few? Dr Colleen Lewis
  • Abuse of Privilege: A Perspective from the Press Gallery, Claude Forell

(Copies of papers are available on application to the Hon. Secretary)



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